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Halloween {I know it’s late}

So, I’m not into dressing up on Halloween, but since having a child I LOVE dressing her up…whether she likes it or not. Her first Halloween she was a ladybug {not too original, but cute}, last year she was a pirate {which was awesome…I will post a picture just because it was that awesome} and this year she was…drumroll….Woody from Toy Story! I know, why wasn’t she Jesse? Everyone has asked me this. One Berkley doesn’t like Jesse as much as Woody, two Jesse’s costume is a lot harder to copy, and 3 I found a really cute girl in a Woody costume on Pintrest. If you haven’t discovered Pintrest already it is a MUST!

Berkley was SO excited to be Woody. We ended up not getting a holster, but I think it turned out pretty cute. She was such a good sport and loved her costume. She walked for about an hour on Halloween night taking candy from our wonderful neighbors. All in all Halloween was a success. I can’t wait for next year!

{My pirate, Halloween 2010}

{Woody, Halloween 2011}