Mary + Matt

Mary, Matt and I headed up to Aspen Grove to shoot their engagements. It’s so beautiful there all year around, although I’m pretty sure it’s under like a million feet of snow at the moment. But when that snow melts you better believe I’ll be up there again, camera in hand, and maybe YOU will be with me! Who knows!! It’s seriously magical up there.2017-01-30_0024.jpg2017-01-30_0025.jpg2017-01-30_0026.jpg2017-01-30_0027.jpg2017-01-30_0028.jpg2017-01-30_0029.jpg2017-01-30_0030.jpg2017-01-30_0031.jpg2017-01-30_0032.jpg2017-01-30_0033.jpg2017-01-30_0034.jpg2017-01-30_0035.jpg2017-01-30_0036.jpg2017-01-30_0037.jpg