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I say this EVERY year, but it’s just as true this year as it was all the previous ones…This year FLEW by. Last December I was celebrating my youngest turning 1 and now she is a bubbly TODDLER and I just don’t know how that happened. Each year I go through all the photos that I took and pick my favorites. I always have so many. It’s hard sometimes, because I think a lot of them seem obvious why they are my favorite, and some may not be as obvious. I feel like each session is different, each person I’m photographing had a different expectation, thought, attitude going into the session. And possibly came out of it with different thoughts and feelings. In photos you don’t see all the preparation and stress going into the photo session. You only see the end result. But there is just so much more than the final product. For example…I let my kids take the day off of school if we are taking family photos on a school day. That may seem a little extreme, but I HATE stressing before a shoot. And I think most people can relate that family photo day is THE WORST DAY. LOL. No one is super excited about photos, except maybe the mom. Who has already put in so much time and effort into finding outfits, making sure kids are happy and fed, making everyones hair perfect, including hers. And still after all that, SOMETHING goes wrong, or something unexpected happens. WHY?! Because that’s just the way it is. But after all that, my hope is that we got something real out of it all. Real and something beautiful that the families can look back on and remember something fun, funny or silly that happened during our session.

And I just have to mention, that this goes for wedding, engagements and formal shoots too!! So much preparation and appointments and then after all that…you just gotta hope that the weather turns out ok, because you for sure can’t reschedule a WEDDING!!!

 ANYWHO…that went on longer than I anticipated…haha. I’m just grateful for the different experiences I had this year, doing this job that I love. And so thankful for all the wonderful people who I got to meet, see again and will hopefully see you many times over. So THANK YOU, for everything.




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