Chelsea + Braden {Formals}

Between the months of November and March I feel like Utah can be tricky. Is it going to snow 3 feet? Is it going to rain? Will it be sunny? And sometimes finding beautiful locations can be tricky! Especially on a year where we get tons of snow….um, kind of like this year. But my go to spot to shoot is Garden Park Ward, when the snow is melting and we want something green! The light is so pretty there and I love all the evergreens and the garden feel. Chelsea got her GORGEOUS dress from Alta Moda Bridal and The Veranda Couture made her bouquet…where she added an earring her mom wore on her wedding day!



Mary + Matt

Mary, Matt and I headed up to Aspen Grove to shoot their engagements. It’s so beautiful there all year around, although I’m pretty sure it’s under like a million feet of snow at the moment. But when that snow melts you better believe I’ll be up there again, camera in hand, and maybe YOU will be with me! Who knows!! It’s seriously magical up there.2017-01-30_0024.jpg2017-01-30_0025.jpg2017-01-30_0026.jpg2017-01-30_0027.jpg2017-01-30_0028.jpg2017-01-30_0029.jpg2017-01-30_0030.jpg2017-01-30_0031.jpg2017-01-30_0032.jpg2017-01-30_0033.jpg2017-01-30_0034.jpg2017-01-30_0035.jpg2017-01-30_0036.jpg2017-01-30_0037.jpg

Megan + Mike

I met Megan originally at her brother’s wedding that I was shooting. I was so delighted when she reached out to me after her engagement and asked if I could shoot hers. Of course I was so excited! I knew everything would be beautiful and her and Mike were so incredibly happy all day. There’s no way anyone could do anything but smile after seeing them on that day. Her dress was stunning and I still can’t get over her bouquet that Sarah from Blushing Rose Floral created. Absolutely stunning. All of it. 2017-01-30_0001.jpg2017-01-30_0002.jpg2017-01-30_0003.jpg2017-01-30_0004.jpg2017-01-30_0005.jpg2017-01-30_0006.jpg2017-01-30_0007.jpg2017-01-30_0008.jpg2017-01-30_0009.jpg2017-01-30_0010.jpg2017-01-30_0012.jpg2017-01-30_0011.jpg

2016 LOVE

This year has been so different for me. I decided to cut back on the amount of weddings that I shot, so I could be home with my girls a little more. We added one awesome baby girl in December of 2015 {totaling 3 girls} and I just really felt like I should be home more. I gotta tell ya…I loved it. I loved not feeling like I had these crazy deadlines that I needed to meet and I felt like I could give better service to my clients because I had a smaller workload. It was all amazing and I can’t believe the people I got to meet. The weddings were a nice step back from being home all the time, and continuing to do what I am passionate about, which is document LOVE. I had so much fun with all my clients! Nothing was ever the same…from the newborn babies to the extended families to the celebration of marriage. It was ALL GOOD. So thanks to everyone who made 2016 so wonderful for me!! Love you all!! {Also I threw in a few personal photos just for fun.}