Baby Lucca

I decided to change things up a little bit and post a birth story that I shot in August. I only shoot births for family and close friends, so when I get that chance, I absolutely love it! This is my cousin Sarah, and I have been blessed enough to have been there for all 3 of her children’s births. She delivered baby Lucca naturally, and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. It continues to amaze me and I’m awestruck how women bring life into this world.  Whether natural, medicated or c-section, every birth is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.2015-03-02_0001.jpg2015-03-02_0002.jpg2015-03-02_0003.jpg2015-03-02_0005.jpg2015-03-02_0004.jpg2015-03-02_0006.jpg2015-03-02_0007.jpg2015-03-02_0008.jpg2015-03-02_0009.jpg2015-03-02_0010.jpg2015-03-02_0011.jpg2015-03-02_0012.jpg2015-03-02_0013.jpg2015-03-02_0014.jpg2015-03-02_0015.jpg2015-03-02_0016.jpg2015-03-02_0017.jpg2015-03-02_0018.jpg2015-03-02_0019.jpg2015-03-02_0020.jpg2015-03-02_0021.jpg2015-03-02_0022.jpg2015-03-02_0023.jpg2015-03-02_0024.jpg2015-03-02_0025.jpg

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